Friday, April 2, 2010

wed = PiNk day, 31st...

and u know wut its all about???of coz!! the one and only...
true! its the Baskin-BR-Robbins! im sure that every1 know about their offers. still i wan to explain it here...hehe.

1. wed = PiNk day every wednesday..if u show them ya pinkness, u will get free double jr scoop which purchase of one single scoop! great isn't it! it save u like rm5.30!! XD so last Wednesday, i decided to show my PiNkness by showing all my PiNk stuffs!! haha! i juz kidding! i didn't bring any of this stuff. dat day i coincidentally wear PiNk tudung and PiNk bag pack...hehe. so i entitled to the free scoop! hahaactually it doesn't matter whether its ya cloth u wearing, tudung, camera, phone or glasses! (which i got all of it..owh!accept a pink phone :( but!it doesn't mean u huv to bring everything! juz one item is enuf..hehe...)..u will get the free guys! so ya pink on wed k! ;)

2. 31% off on every 31st! last wed also it was 31st f the month! the BR offers u a 31% discount for handpacked ice cream on every 31st day of the month! which means its double treat 4 me!!! *hepi!
after a long Q..i managed to get my ice is the result!!!
a single scoop of raspberry cheese cube, a double jr scoop of choc chip and a quart (700g) of world class choc mix with vanilla with deep choc chip!!! my housemates and iskandar really hepi to eat those delicious ice cream! plus..i would like to praise BR Mid Valley's staffs for their great services!!! even though the place very pack wif customers..they still can serve us wif smile on their faces! syabas! XDim not really a ice cream lover..but once in awhile..its nice to treat yaself wif such a great n expensive ice cream like this *very happy!
p/s: Iza also got blog bout Baskin here check it out!

now i wan to move to other topis. actually i juz wan to add on from my previous post. One of the reason y i chose is bcoz...yap! bcoz yamapi is an ambassador for toshiba note pc! i know its not a same model..but it is almost the same! XDDD

i remember i used to post bout my wish list at my LJ (dunno whether u guys can access or not..) that i want this 3 main thing...a PiNk LG ice cream phone (yap..i got it already n it got stolen -_-), a Toshiba PiNk laptop (yes!currently!) and now left YUI SONY PiNk walkman...hehe..will i? i didn't know..i broke alrdy..haha! but i really wan a wireless PiNk mouse! haha

oyasuminasai minna-san~;)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

my new baby...

after such a long time...after dream bout it almost every nite...after saving my money (this is half-true..) introduce u guys my new baby...My PiNky Toshiba Portege m900!!!! XD

i really love it!!!if u ask me why...definately i answer bcoz its PiNk!!! haha
ok2..despite of got windows 7, intel core duo 2, 320g hard disk, 2g ram..wutelse u wan to know? u can check it out here ;)
wut i like bout it..(bside its PiNkness..hehe) is small (13.3") which very light n easy for me to bring anywhere...its 6cell battery...and its clear super view display screen! now i can watch movies and j-drama in clear view and high definition! so beautiful! and i really like windows 7..its more friendly-user compare to Vista..and the graphic so cool! i can display all my windows in PiNk!!!hahaha...
now i can access internet smoothly w/o waiting my laptop recover from hang..haha...
now!i think my PiNk-stuff list already complete! owhh..except my lost PiNk phone n not-yet-have-PiNk-car...haha!!!My mr.PiNk-Toshi and my others PiNk cute~~~

ok now we move to other story..on 27 mac 2010 malaysia participate in celebrating the Earth Hour..switch off the lights on 8.30 pm until 9.30 pm to support it. the objective is to save our earth energy and say-no to global warming. last year, me and iskandar watched it at shah quite success! now this year..we plan to watch the most powerful building in Malaysia to dim its light..KLCC!!

before we went to lepak at the park, we bought gelato..wut a weird combination...the choc oreo and the dragon fruit flavor. but it taste really nice!(p/s: we did argue for while in choosing the flavor..haha)after that we walked to the park n wait the KLCC towers to dim its light..while having our KFC dinner..we watched the KLCC dim its lights...

the before and after KLCC turn off the lights..

but sad coz most of KLCC shopping outlet didnt turn off its lights during the one hour..i know ppl still shop..but u can juz reduce the lights in order to support it rite? emm..still..congratz Malaysia for participate! c u nex year..but untill the energy usage! and stop global warming! really hot nowadays...
mr.iskandar also wan to pose *sigh..hahaa so cute...

the conclusion: KLCC took 3minutes to switch off and on the lights..
(p/s: the light-guys must b very nervous to turn of the lights sharp on 8.30 pm..haha!)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hard work that paid off...

Congratulation Mr. Mohamed Iskandar! Your hard work had been appreaciated n u deserve it!
For all accountants out there, check out this cool article about Applying IAS 41 in Malaysia (Agriculture). He made it so cool to realize that agriculture is one of big issue sthat we, accountants need to lay our eyes on it.

I will not comment on it but i think its time for the youngs to step up n give our opinion on the accounting world nowadays. Lately what we always heard were about convegence, ethical, and even FRS 139 (still i guess). But as he touched bout the one of major industries for Malaysia growth (agriculture, obviously), it does really open my eyes.

Thank you for contributing such brilliant article for our world Mr.Iskandar. Keep it up! *thumbs up!

p/s: i am so proud of u, sayang...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

things dat make me hepi... not dat hepi as i used to b..i dunno y...i keep arguing things wif Is also..poor him...i hurt u so sori sayang...
but thanks to things that happened cheer me up...
1) "Alice in Wonderland" Special Screening (35mm)
Thanks to Matun for winning 2 tickets from FB contest to watch the Alice in Wonderland Special Screening!!! At 1st i asked Matun..y it stated 35mm?? "its the size of the film..." me," wut is the size of the normal film?" matun, "emmm.... i dunno!" then we roffing!!! hahahahah...
Then when the movie started, we realized that the 35mm is like smaller than normal movie! haha..but in the other hand, the movie is so great!!! Johnny Depp was great as ever! the it! i used to b so scared of Alice in Wonderland..i think the cartoon was so creepy..the smiling cat especially..BUT! this Alice in Wonderland changed my perception!!! haha..i never thot it goin to b a love interest in it..oppps...u huv to watch it yaself to know it! my fav characters are The Mad Hatter(of coz!), the White Queen(who pretending..hehe) and the Red Queen!!she so cute..haha (over the head!!!) haha!
even mid valley is full wif Alice-in-Wonderland deco..hehe also teach me to think bout the 6 impossible things in the world..haha
2) A great vending-Mocha from my collegge! haha..i dunno y i put this in my list..but i really like it...the pic shown is my companion as i tiredly listen to Dr.PS' lecture...>_< id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5446754479254799762" style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; WIDTH: 200px; CURSOR: hand; HEIGHT: 150px; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="" border="0">

3) I won betting with she will not say PiNk is disgusting fun!poor Shury..been manipulate by me...haha!
4) More PiNk stuff!
recently,i bought a book shelf and i covered it up wif PiNk cloth..hehe...*Happy!
n i bought a PiNk Termos n a PiNk mug from Jusco!! still thinking whether to bring to office or not...they sure laff at me...*sigh

5) Him...
Ok..He is not a thing..He is my precious person in the world (beside my family n my 2 bestest frens)...Congratulation Sayang for ya new car... n most of it..Congratulation for ya article been appearing in Accounting Today magazine!! im really proud of u...i do....eventhough i didn't show it..but i am...u r very talented and i hope it bring u opportunity for your succesness in future..i still remember ya dream..i hope u will achieve it sori for being a jerk to u lately... n thank u 4 still kind to me...
it 12.30 am already..sum1 need to work tomoro (to pay my rent, car, bills, ACCA, etc...n buy new lappy..) Gudnite everyone...

Friday, February 26, 2010

sleeping partner..

this week been the toughest week of 2010 so not well...i keep vomit whenever i ate...n workloads...oh god..too much! i barely cant handle it...stay back everyday...and of coz..the result...
to those who knew it n support me..thank u so much..i really need it...sumthing i wondering why life is unfair n cruel to me...but Islam teachs us to be thankful n i realize..mayb i didnt really thankful to wut i have rite the one who been unfair to me...not the life...wutever it is..i will not give up...i believe in me..mayb now its not my time...but i still will come...with god's willing...
well..despite that im very hepi :) after half day work on public holiday today, me n my senior, Junior..(yap..her name is Junior..i know..very confusing..hehe) went to Mid Valley. She got movie date with Hui Shin n i just want to waste my there. haha.
(Junior n me @ Pangkor)
1st thing 1st...makan!!! me n Junior had dinner at Portugese Grill, Oasis. so yummy..n spicy!! haha...before we get our food...Junior bought a very vig mineral water...just to get prepare the spiciness. haha! it was really spicy thou..but i finished all my sambal..n Junior damn surprise! haha..

Later we started our journey in finding the oat for Junior's mom. We 1st went to Jusco supermarket..then Junior said it is expensive. Then we went to Carrefour..yap..the Nesvita is RM1.00 cheaper than Jusco.haha..wut really surprise me is junior took 4 big packs of Oat n 2 big packs of Nesvita. (so healthy..hehe). when we went out from carrefour, i saw a big purple sign of Lavendar Bread and Cake...n quickly told Junior. She gave me a very big smile! haha..she said my dad goin to b super happy that i can get the RM2.50 wheat bun for him everyday! hahahaha!! funny. she even went closely to the sign just to be inform when the store goin to open...soon patience k..hehe...
then after that junior bought small sticker that got her name on it...i know wut purpose it for..*sigh...later i said bubye to Junior and she went to gsc (b4 dat she told me she bought Carls Junior to eat in the cinema..dude!!!we just eat! ish2...) window-shopping journey started. at 1st im thinking to get myself a new shirt..but then..i found nothing im thinking to buy myself a new pillow..hehe... i found this pillow...the brand name is Sleeping Partner! quickly grab it...later this one bed sheet caught my pink n beautiful..summore i can get 15% discount for J-card member..hehe... so introduce new Sleeping Partner!

beautiful is it???hehe...looking at it make me sleepy..summore i got class oyasuminasai! minna-san...huv a nice sleep! XD

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The most important person in my life... My Mama.

A year past by. 21st February come again. I didn't remember when the last time i celebrated my mom's birthday. So, me n my sis flew to Kemaman to celebrate Mama's birthday.

Me, kak sha, Tina and Mama went to Secret Recipe at Mesra Mall (the only high class shopping mall in Trg..beside Mydin Mall..haha!)We had our main until full. (and no pictures..they are all very hungry!) hehe..

Then..we come out with a surprise..(i hope it is a surprise) haha...
The new black forest cheese!!(at last i taste it...) i know, i know...its a small cake..but Mama requested for it...and that time we all really full..hehe. then...of coz! posing time!Then Mama blew the candle...really fast!!! was funny! we laughed so loud...luckily not much people around..hehe...after that..apa lagik...makan laa!!!
and of coz..i was the one who ate the most of the cake...hehe..yummy!!!!XD
Mama...Happy Birthday. U deserve the best gift in the world. but i admit i cant afford it...u been everything to us. U sacrifice everything. U always be there for us. U give us everything. i really dun have words to describe it. U love us enuf...and we do love u..just mayb our care not enuf for u..we promise to take care of u as best as we could. Take care of your health..May u always look young and fabulous as u do now..and we really need you... coz u r everything to us. We love you Mama...

beside that, i also prepared gift for mama..juz a small gift...but i haven't giv to her yet..hehe...thanks to Iskandar for helping me to find the was fun! ;)The red box so cute!!the inside..hehe..let it be unknown..haha..for now...

Most of it...we all had a great nite together...once again..Happy Birthday, Mama...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Our 1st Anniversary...

Gentle reminder : If u guys cant afford to bare with the silly 'romanticness' and lovey dovey..u better off from reading this post.. ;p

18 January 2009..
It is when it started. "You are my girlfriend.", he said. A statement. Not even a question. No even a little doubt. Really. A strict statement. (Luckily ManU won dat nite..if now..i sure reconsider the statement! hahaha!!kidding k mr.ISkandar..)

So here we are..18 January 2010... A year already past.

How can i describe it..i really can't. N i shall make it simple.

A year of knowing and understanding,
a year of learning mistakes,
a year of ups and downs,
a year of blossoming LOVE,
which i believe will bring many years of happiness and togetherness...

I love u, sayang...

We celebrated it sharp at 12.00am..before that we had late dinner at KFC which was our 1st date place. We talked about our 1st date and how we were to right now. We do laughed alot..but according to him, the way i ate..are the same as ganas!! haha ;p

Enough's my gift to him...a very budget gift!! your besday will be better!!! (hihi..i hope so...)(the card really expensive!!!)

He surprised me with this roses!!! im so touched!! so beautiful!!! PiNk some more!! n of coz must be PiNk! hehe...

and here's come the 2nd surprise!Oh my Prada!!!! he gave me pearl bracelet!!! it is so beautiful (and heavy too..)!! haha..i never thought i will receive such gift from is so...*still speechless..

Our gifts combined together...It very hard to put on the bracelet...and he keep laughing will taking picture..(sabar je la..)Me with the gift!!! XDDDSuper happy!!!!

He who is kind-not-happy wif the gift...haha...Sorry be better for ya besday k!!! nex 2 weeks...haha..but it very useful tau!!! ;p

haha...i know wut u guys thinking...baru setahun jagung dah nak havoc..hehe...
I pray our relationship will last to the right way (ehem!)...we still trying to strengthen our relationship..understanding and be more mature..Most of all...thank u for loving me, sayang..
you know how i feel about you, right?

sayang! ya nex besday can celebrate in ya TANU plak..hahaha!!!

p/s: i hope u all will not puke after reading the post.. ;)