Friday, April 2, 2010

wed = PiNk day, 31st...

and u know wut its all about???of coz!! the one and only...
true! its the Baskin-BR-Robbins! im sure that every1 know about their offers. still i wan to explain it here...hehe.

1. wed = PiNk day every wednesday..if u show them ya pinkness, u will get free double jr scoop which purchase of one single scoop! great isn't it! it save u like rm5.30!! XD so last Wednesday, i decided to show my PiNkness by showing all my PiNk stuffs!! haha! i juz kidding! i didn't bring any of this stuff. dat day i coincidentally wear PiNk tudung and PiNk bag pack...hehe. so i entitled to the free scoop! hahaactually it doesn't matter whether its ya cloth u wearing, tudung, camera, phone or glasses! (which i got all of it..owh!accept a pink phone :( but!it doesn't mean u huv to bring everything! juz one item is enuf..hehe...)..u will get the free guys! so ya pink on wed k! ;)

2. 31% off on every 31st! last wed also it was 31st f the month! the BR offers u a 31% discount for handpacked ice cream on every 31st day of the month! which means its double treat 4 me!!! *hepi!
after a long Q..i managed to get my ice is the result!!!
a single scoop of raspberry cheese cube, a double jr scoop of choc chip and a quart (700g) of world class choc mix with vanilla with deep choc chip!!! my housemates and iskandar really hepi to eat those delicious ice cream! plus..i would like to praise BR Mid Valley's staffs for their great services!!! even though the place very pack wif customers..they still can serve us wif smile on their faces! syabas! XDim not really a ice cream lover..but once in awhile..its nice to treat yaself wif such a great n expensive ice cream like this *very happy!
p/s: Iza also got blog bout Baskin here check it out!

now i wan to move to other topis. actually i juz wan to add on from my previous post. One of the reason y i chose is bcoz...yap! bcoz yamapi is an ambassador for toshiba note pc! i know its not a same model..but it is almost the same! XDDD

i remember i used to post bout my wish list at my LJ (dunno whether u guys can access or not..) that i want this 3 main thing...a PiNk LG ice cream phone (yap..i got it already n it got stolen -_-), a Toshiba PiNk laptop (yes!currently!) and now left YUI SONY PiNk walkman...hehe..will i? i didn't know..i broke alrdy..haha! but i really wan a wireless PiNk mouse! haha

oyasuminasai minna-san~;)


  1. yana..kamsa amida tlg promote blog iza haha..
    ceh sbb yamapi rupenye..kidding! i noe u & ur pink madness hehe nk gak pink walkman mcm yui tu..mp4 iza cam dh bengong sket..

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  3. hiiii. i was googling up, then i saw your blog!
    i am big fan of PINK too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hee. everything is pink. i hv a pink LG lollipop and alsooo jeng2 a pink kelisa! ;p the honda jazz color, how bout that? suka kan? hee
    but all in all, i really love your room. barang2 dekat meja pun makes me wanna scream! haha over ;p
    i hope i can be your friend. add me up at facebook :)